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Jumat, 11 Februari 2011

iklan enamel " pirelli tyres " ( pirelli tyres porcelain sign )

disain grafis nya simpel , dengan corporate colour khas pirelli yakni kuning cerah dipadu dengan lis biru donker

lIn 1872 Giovanni Battista Pirelli, a young engineer, founded Pirelli & C. in Milan at the age of twenty-four. A year later, the first facility for the production of rubber articles was up and running.
Toward the end of the century the process of diversification began: from insulated telegraph cable (1879) to underwater telegraph cable (1886) to the first bicycle tyres (1890). The first automobile tyre came off the line in 1901. With the new century, Pirelli began enjoying its first sporting victories and building plants abroad: in Spain (1902), Great Britain (1914) and Argentina (1917).

MaestranzeStarting in the 1920s, drivers like Nuvolari, Ascari and Fangio regaled Pirelli Tyres with a rousing series of auto racing trophies. In 1927 the Superflex Stella Bianca racing tyre was introduced.
Manuel FangioThe beginning of the 1950s saw the birth of the Cinturato radial, which would leave a decisive mark in the history of tyres. In the meantime, Pirelli continued with its massive geographical expansion, which proceeded through the '60s and '70s, acquiring the German tyre manufacturer Veith, while starting up cable production facilities in PerĂ¹ (1968) and Australia (1975). In the mid-'70s Pirelli invented the low profile tyre, the famous P7, one of the most important inventions in the industry after the Cinturato radial. Another discovery revolutionised the world of cables: fibre optics. ( )

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