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Sabtu, 11 Desember 2010

" morinaga's sweet jar "


all in perfect condition , no chip , no crack at all

it used to put marshmallow candy in it , and displayed at the old groceries store

Company History:
One of Japan's leading candy and confectionery manufacturers, Morinaga & Co. Ltd. is also credited with introducing Western-style treats to Japan at the dawn of the 20th century. After more than 100 years, Morinaga has remained at the top of the Japanese candy industry, producing a strong line of candies, chocolates, frozen desserts and snacks, and nutritional products. Entering the new century, Morinaga has developed a new "power brand" strategy emphasizing its core product lines, which include Milk Cocoa, Hotcake Mix, Amazake drinks, frozen desserts, and Weider in Jelly, a line of drinkable, gelatin-like drinks marketed under license from the United States' Weider Nutrition International Inc. The company also produces a number of other licensed candy products, including Pez and Werther's Original. Morinaga operates five manufacturing facilities in the Tokyo region; the company also has launched a manufacturing subsidiary in Taiwan and has begun construction on a new plant in Shanghai, China, expected to be operational by 2004. The company also operates sales subsidiaries in Europe and North America, and sells its products in more than 26 countries. Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Morinaga is led by Gota Morinaga, grandson of the company's founder.

sold - out