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Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

bohlam jadoel , kondisi NOS tidak putus apalagi retak

katanya yang jual ke saya ( eks kolektor part mobil kuno ) sih untuk mobil2 jadoel tahun 1950 keatas , dan katanya juga sih untuk mercy lawas...

mazda antique light bulb

Mazda was a trademarked name created by the Shelby Electric Company for incandescent light bulbs. The name was used from 1909 through 1945 in the United States by Shelby and later General Electric; Mazda brand light bulbs were made for decades after 1945 outside the USA. The company chose the name due to its association with [Ahura] Mazda, the transcendental and universal God of Zoroastrianism whose name means "[Wise] Lord " in the Avestan language.

In 1909 the Mazda name was created for the Shelby Electric Company's new high end product: tungsten filament light bulbs. The brand was continued after Shelby was purchased by General Electric in 1914 due to its brand recognition and association with higher quality tungsten filament bulbs. General Electric also licensed the Mazda name, socket sizes, and tungsten filament technology to other manufacturers in order to set a standard for lighting. Bulbs were soon sold by many manufacturers with the Mazda name attached, including their chief competitor Westinghouse. The company advertised their new tungsten bulb standard with paintings by Maxfield Parrish.

The company dropped the campaign in 1945 in the face of competition from Japan.[citation needed] Today, the Mazda name is mostly associated with the Mazda automobile manufacturer of Japan. The Mazda trademark is now split between the Japanese manufacturer where it applies to automobiles (including automobile lights and batteries) and General Electric for non-automotive uses.

source : wikipedia

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