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Rabu, 21 April 2010

another thee tjap semar teapot...
already have 2 and still collecting

this teapot was made around 1910 - 1920 , according to google hehehhe


The NV Kwik Hoo Tong Handelmaatschappij was established in Solo by Kwik Hong Biauw, Kwik Ing Djie, Kwik Djoen Eng, Kwik Ing Sien and Kwik Ing Hio on 17 July 1894. The capital stock issued amounted to Netherlands Indies guilders (NIG) 200,000,with each of the founders contributing one-fifth of the total. The Kwik brothers came from Taiwan, and in its early years, the principal business of the KHT was the import of tea from that island to central Java. Having lived in different parts of the Javanese Principalities (Solo and Yogyakarta), as well as Surabaya, the brothers also engaged in an important trade in native agricultural produce.

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